Thursday, 8 September 2016


I am truly overwhelmed by all the love, support, prayers and fasts in my behalf and for my family. Thank you. We feel blessed, comforted and sustained.

Surgery was a success.

We left early on Wednesday morning (yesterday) and got prepped. The team was fantastic. I was feeling calm and happy.

Not long after arriving in theatre the room went dizzy, the surgeon, Dr Sydney Ch’ng, said hello and that’s the last I remember until John was holding my hand and calling my name. It was so nice he was able to put on scrubs and come into recovery. It’s rough coming round after a general anesthetic and so it was reassuring to have John there.

This is before I came round, and then right after.

Once I was back on the ward I was feeling good. Pain was minimal. I had a drip which they have taken out today and a drain from the gland which is clear today and will be removed tomorrow.

Surgery took about three hours. The tumour was very well encapsulated (good news) and was all removed. There was a fair bit of tugging on the mandibular branch of the facial nerve so some temporary facial paralysis was a risk but I’m delighted to report that there is none and all the nerves are intact.

I slept well and have had a good day today. Even got a shower (avoiding the left side of my face and neck). John, Mum and the girls came in to visit and it was wonderful to see them. They are coping really well with all of this and loved moving the bed up and down and meeting all the Drs and nurses and Dada’s colleagues.

John’s dermatology team came to visit with flowers and balloons for the girls. The Blacks also came to visit and so did Claire.

Tomorrow they will remove the drain and then I can go home. We wait a week for the pathology where we will get more information and the stage of the tumour.  

Once I have healed I will start a 6 week course of radiotherapy, 15 minute sessions, every day.

I am so grateful this has been successful. Prayer works. I really am feeling great. Thank you everyone. 

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