Sunday, 2 October 2016

The kindness

I wanted to thank you all and tell you about the kindness. The kindness that came so easily from so many of you. The kindness that meant so much to us at that difficult time. The kindness that made a massive difference when things were hard.

John said "You really see the best of humanity when things get tough." And it's true. People are amazing! You are amazing! You came to our aid in so many different ways. Rallied around us and supported us in ways we really needed (without asking) and in ways we didn't realise we needed.

We were, and continue to feel, overwhelmed.

I know many of you, far away, wanted to do more and felt you could not do enough. Let me tell me just how important your prayers and fasts were to us. And let's be honest - they worked!

Our favourite stories came from a few of you who shared your experiences (or your children's experiences) of praying for us. The relief and joy and gratitude that your prayers were answered. And answered so quickly and in the way everyone was hoping and wishing for. Thank you for sharing these with us.

For everyone who prayed, for everyone who fasted, for everyone who sent messages, for everyone who called, made us meals, brought treats, care packages, fruit, vegetables, gifts, cards, flowers, plants, food gift cards, sent blankets, even loaned their cars. For everyone who visited, offered to visit, flew (our Mums) and planned to fly (my sisters) across the world. For everyone who looked after our girls. For everyone who cried with us, for us, because of us.

Thank you!

You may never know how much it means.

Thank you for being part of our miracle. 

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